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Waste to Wealth

Jadhao PR, Pandey A, Pant KK, Nigam KDP. Efficient recovery of Cu and Ni from WPCB via alkali leaching approach. J Environ Manage. 2021 Oct 15;296:113154. doi: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2021.113154. Epub 2021 Jun 30. PMID: 34216905.

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Air Pollution

Shaw, G., S. Dey, H. Kaushal and K. Lal, "Tracking NO2 emission from thermal power plants in North India using TROPIMI data", Atmospheric Environment, 259, 118514, 2021.

TanushreeGanguly, Kurinji L. Selvaraj, Sarath K. Guttikunda, “National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) for Indian cities: Review and outlook of clean air action plans”, Atmospheric Environment: X, 8, 100096, 2020;

AI/ML in Healthcare

SargunNagpal, Ridam Pal, AnanyaTyagi, SadhanaTripathi, Aditya Nagori, Saad Ahmad, Hara Prasad Mishra, RintuKutum, TavpriteshSethi*. Genomic Surveillance of COVID-19 Variants with Language Models and Machine Learning. bioRxiv 2021.05.25.445601; doi:

Ridam Pal, Harshita Chopra, RaghavAwasthi, Harsh Bandhey, Aditya Nagori, Amogh Gulati, PonnurangamKumaraguru, TavpriteshSethi*.Predicting Emerging Themes in Rapidly Expanding COVID-19 Literature with Dynamic Word Embedding Networks and Machine Learning. doi:

RaghavAwasthi, Keerat Kaur Guliani, Arshita Bhatt, Mehrab Singh Gill, Aditya Nagori, PonnurangamKumaraguru, TavpriteshSethi*.VacSIM: Learning Effective Strategies for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution using Reinforcement Learning.


Kaur, K, Garg, A, Cui, X, Singh, S, Panigrahi, BK. Deep learning networks for capacity estimation for monitoring SOH of Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles. Int J Energy Res. 2021; 45: 3113– 3128.

Vandana, , Garg, A, Panigrahi, BK. Multi-dimensional digital twin of energy storage system for electric vehicles: A brief review. Energy Storage. 2021;e242.

Khalid, M, Ahmad, F, Panigrahi, BK. Design, simulation and analysis of a fast charging station for electric vehicles. Energy Storage. 2021;e263.

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